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    Capacitors have any world-renowned brand of your choice

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    Capacitors have any world-renowned brand of your choice

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    Capacitors have any world-renowned brand of your choice

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    Capacitors have any world-renowned brand of your choice

Qing Quan Product Applications

Product application domain

  • The field of power

    Used in UPS, switching power supply, power inverter, communications power supplies, welding power supplies, special power, lighting and other fields; selection series LHV, LNC, LSR, LB, LWS, CHI, CS2

  • Automated industry

    Used in automation and control various types of converter, servo system; selection series LHV, LG, LHR, LHA, LB, LWS, CHA, VXS, CEL, CXS

  • Power class

    Used in smart grid, photovoltaic equipment, wind power generation equipment and other fields; selection series LB, LWS, LSR, LHV, CEL, CHA, CS2

  • Rapid charge-discharge energy storage class

    Used in spot welding, welding machines, inverter welding machine, butt welding machine, stud welding, laser cutting machine, magnetizing machine, back machine card machine storage areas; the selection series LD, LLD, LHD, LXD, CHA

  • Qing Quan products

  • Higher prestigious research institutions

    Major elite universities and major institutions to expand high-tech communication technology and new areas of control cable; selection series LHV, LSR, LB, LWS, CHA, CHI, CS2

  • 闪光灯类

    Applied Strobe, Strobe, beacon lights, intelligent transportation, electronic police and the police car roof, laser hair removal, medical field pulse; selection series CDF, SPF, CRP

  • Transport category

    Used in aviation, aerospace, railway intelligent transportation, telecommunications, high-speed rail, subway, light rail field; selection series LHV, LNC, LSR, LG, LHA, CHI, CLM, CHA, CS2

  • Mining and energy

    Used in outdoor circuit breakers, intelligent permanent magnet vacuum switch, at 5000 meters deep, solar, wind, nuclear, geothermal fields; selection series LHV, LSR, LHH, LND, LNP, CXS, CHA, VXS

"Internet +"Open a new era of customization

capsun be tailored to your needs, to fully meet any of your technology needs

As a professional capacitor manufacturers custom design, we will look at your application requirements and design needs to produce to meet your needs.

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National Commission Hotline

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    Agents get the goods through multiple channels, we can not guarantee the authenticity of the quality of the goods。

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    Domestic manufacturers have technical uneven telling their own good, so that you have no choice。

  • 5

    When agents asked technical questions, sometimes irrelevant answers, not as good as our own professional

If you are the following confusion in the procurement of aluminum electrolytic capacitors



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    Domestic refurbished old capacitors, disassemble heavy substandard counterfeit products let you keep track of how to ensure quality?

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    Electronic City to find agents often ask no one to go without cargo of how delivery?

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    The price of imported capacitor is too high, delivery time is too long, less if you can not follow the requirements of the user the flexibility to customize

Qing Quan customized capacitance

  • Lower than any other brand 4-10 ℃
  • Referring to foreign products to design programs and additional special ion conduction cooling technology
  • As the use of large holes Aluminum resistance greater ripple high capacity machine reliability
  • Customizable overpressure resistance ability of the product to provide technical support
  • We have been fully taken into account for the customer, and strong technical reserves
  • Professional advice, tailor-made programs
  • Matching capacity to provide programs, balanced and strong

Electrolytic capacitor


Other domestic brand capacitors

  • Higher than capsun capacitance 4-10 ℃
  • Ripple poor, guests also reduced purchase costs increased machine reliability
  • Pressure capacity is very weak
  • Not less fully customizable reserve
  • No matching program capacity, consistency weak
  • Very poor rate of aluminum materials, poor performance
  • Domestic brands

Three domestic large capacitor

30 years continued focus on custom aluminum electrolytic


US technology, Japanese technology, military customers

Technology employed by the United States, technology from Japan, the full implementation of JIS C5141 technology

  • With 30 years of large-scale high-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors core technology
  • Core temperature 4-6 degrees lower than peers
  • Chinese special large aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, through the Sino-US patented technology allows you to use no more superior quality

Professional exchange platform, giving you more confidence guarantee

  • And several major domestic schools and research institutes and technological exchanges and cooperation held

The key raw material of aluminum electrolytic, carefully selected

Big foreign material is selected, quality assured

  • Anode foil: use aluminum foil and Japan JCC DMEGC
  • Cathode foil: Taiwan Lun Yang
  • Electrolytic paper: use Japanese NKK
  • Electrolyte: Panasonic
  • Cover / terminals: selection Hashiguchi, Canon

High-quality technical support and after-sales

Direct manufacturers, 24 hours to provide you with technical support and services

  • Brand merchants sell authentic capacitance
  • 30 years focused on high-voltage large-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitor development and production
  • Fast delivery, the fastest one week delivery of emergency orders
  • Since the guarantee of raw materials, coupled with American technology, processes, electrolytic capacitor life you do not have to worry about Japan

Chinese Special LargeExcellent aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, through patented technology allows you to use mass Worry

Most professional technical team Optimal Solutions
National Hotline400-6869-755

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Company Profile

China Excellent large aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturer, Through patented technology gives you more worry-free quality

Qing Quan Electronics was established in 2003, is one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to make large capacitors, respectively, in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, Heyuan City has a modern production facility. Specializes in the development ...

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